Rights of young people to education for participation and consolidation of peace in Mali

Name of the project / program

Rights of young people to education for participation and consolidation of peace in Mali


04 years old (2018 – 2021)

Start date of the project

Jan 2018

End date of the project

Dec 2021

Project acronym


Financial partner

DANIDA (Danish Agency for Development)

Implementing partners

Oxfam Mali

CAEB (Conseils et Appui pour l’Education à la Base), Association Jeunesse Action Mali (AJA)

Association des jeunes pour la citoyenneté Active et la Consolidation de la Démocratie (AJCAD)

Stakeholders involved


Technical services of the state (academies, CAP, local youth services, etc.)

The territorial authorities, CSOs and the media

Zonal coverage

Koulikoro, Segou

Circles of

Koulikoro Region (Circles Banamba, Dioila, Kolokani and Nara)

Segou region (Bla, Macina, Markala Niono)


Project targets

Groups of young people

 EPC groups

 School Management Committees

Association of Mothers of students

Teachers and school principals

Educational Consultants

Final Beneficiaries

Marginalized young girls and boys of 32 towns

implementation of project approach

 The training, information, awareness, and awareness of the targets,

 The institutional capacity building, organizational and operational targets,

 The advocacy / lobbying,

 The synergistic action

Estimated budget

Contribution requested (in terms of total project budget)

Description Project Brief

Project objective

Young people in Mali realize their full potential and become active citizens in the peace consolidation process

Specific objectives

Vulnerable and marginalized young people from 32 cities in 8 circles of Koulikoro and Segou reinforce their rights to quality education, vocational training, participation in peace building and the influence on the processes of decisions that affect their lives

Expected results

Some results are:

234 people (teachers, pedagogical advisors and senior secondary school directors) have strengthened their capacity to ensure the quality of education including the active citizenship and peacebuilding skills of students in the regions of Koulikoro and Segou

39 accelerated learning spaces created and functional per year for girls and boys aged 14 and over in the regions of Koulikoro and Ségou and 3900 young people (girls and boys) trained during the four years.

 Parents, teachers, local authorities, elected officials, village and religious authorities have increased knowledge of young people’s rights to education and participation to help young people participate in peacebuilding and peacebuilding processes. public decision making in Koulikoro and Ségou.

Youth in 32 municipalities have access to information on conflict prevention and their rights to participate in decisions about their lives and the development of their communities and municipalities (7000 young people: f / g sensitized, 30% of young people trained activities related to their rights and citizenship

600 young men and women are trained in technical and vocational skills, literacy and numeracy, active citizenship for peace and relevant life skills and are connected with the private and public sectors for their access to markets and their integration into the labor market

Youth associations in 8 circles have strengthened their organizational and influential capacities to undertake advocacy and influence actions in their communities

Young people (women / men) are represented in networks and platforms to influence peacebuilding and participate in decisions (50% of young people have applied for elective positions, 15% of young candidates are elected)

Main activities of the project

Number of staff recruited for the Project implementation

One (01) Coordinator;

One (08) Development Consultants;

One (01) responsible Communication

Name and contact Project Manager

Mahamadoun Kélépily